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Manned Guarding 

Top Marks for Security Services LTD excels in providing the excellent manned guarding service in the industry, utilising a team of highly trained professionals to ensure a robust & reliable security presence for YOU.

The manned guarding service we offer, is characterised by utmost professionalism, vigilance, and a strong commitment to protecting YOU and YOUR property.

We understand the unique security needs for you, so we tailor our services to meet your expectations or specific requirements, whether it's a corporate office, a residential complex, or an event venue, our security personnel are meticulously selected to meet customise security needs.

​The staff we employ are not only skilled in maintaining a physical presence, but they also excel at risk assessment, access control, and emergency response. Our staff go through rigorous training programs on regular basis to equip them with skills to handle any security situation effectively and efficiently. These trainings are designed to up-skill their quick response to adhere the critical situations and to become a visible potential threat deterrent, ensuring a safe & secure environment for You and your assets.

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